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Help & Advice

Speech & Language Therapists at WHS undertake an advisory and consultative role in which they recognise the importance of liaising closely with parents, staff and other professionals as necessary, via a number of formal and informal channels:-


With parents - via the home-school book system; telephone contact; home visits; parents evening; annual review meetings; training events and social occasions.

With staff - informal daily contact; structured meetings; communication monitoring sessions; joint target setting; class-based co-working; twice weekly meetings with residential/day staff re residential children and young people; training events etc.

Target Setting

SaLTs work closely with day and residential staff both in the main school and Lakeside (FE settings), to devise and monitor communication, social interaction and flexibility of thought targets for each individual’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Specific language and communication targets are devised for all individuals and these are generated from our unique assessment (Functional Communication Rating Scale), the outcomes of these targets are measured, evaluated and reviewed.

Behaviour Support

SaLTs attend all children and young people behaviour support meetings to help identify communication related causal or contributory factors to behaviours and work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to devise proactive and reactive methods of intervention.

Annual Reviews

All children and young people are reassessed annually using a range of formal and informal Speech and Language assessment tools to measure progress and identify target areas for intervention. The results of these assessments are included in a formal report which contributes to the annual review process. SaLTs attend annual review meetings.

Parent's Evening

SaLTs are available for consultation with parents regarding the progress of their child, during the twice yearly parents’ evenings.


SaLTs devise and deliver a range of ASD communication related courses both in-house to staff and externally to other professionals. Parent workshops are also offered throughout the year.

With other professionals - via annual review meetings; professionals (case) meetings; suitability assessment visits (for prospective children and young people); training events; advice and consultation meetings; referral to health services; sharing good practice at Special Interest Group meetings (SIGs).

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