“Robust monitoring and on-going assessment make sure that all students are challenged to make at least the progress expected of them and many exceed it”.


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Assessment & Intervention

All students mat Wargrave House School are assessed by the Occupational Therapist using a range of standardised and non standardised tests.

Assessing Sensory NeedsAssessing Perceptual Skills
  • A sensory profile questionnaire is completed by parents/carers, by school staff and by residential staff.
  • Unstructured observations across a range of settings are carried out by the OT (e.g. playground, classroom, dining room, home).
  • Structured clinical observations are carried out by the OT in the therapy room (equipped with sensory integration swings).
  • Direct liaison with the young person regarding their sensory preferences and differences.
Assessing Perceptual Skills
  • Standardised developmental testing of visual perceptual skills.
  • Structured and unstructured observation across a range of daily activities.
Assessing Motor Skills
  • Structured clinical observations in the therapy room.
  • Standardised developmental movement and co-ordination tests (where appropriate).
  • Observations in a variety of activities (e.g. PE sessions, handwriting sessions).

1:1 therapy using sensory integration principles:
Many students are offered weekly OT input aimed at developing sensory processing and motor planning skills.

Group sessions:
‘Sensory motor’ groups differentiated according to age and ability are aimed at developing gross and fine motor skills.

‘Handwriting’ groups:
Aim to develop fine motor and perceptual skills in preparation for handwriting.

‘Alert’ groups:
Aimed at developing student’s understanding of their individual sensory needs and preferences.

Groups are run throughout the school day and also one evening per week within the residential setting. Class or residential staff join in the groups and gain insight into how to incorporate sensory motor skills in curriculum areas.

Sensory advice/sensory diets:
Following detailed assessment, the OT offers sensory advice and prescribes individual sensory diets where appropriate.

Sensory equipment to meet individual sensory needs is prescribed by the OT maximising each student’s ability to achieve and maintain a calm alert state.

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