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Professional Induction

When a new member of staff commences their employment with us they undergo an extensive Induction Training Programme regardless of their position within the school. We now offer relevant sections of this Induction Training to our colleagues in mainstream and special education for a nominal fee.

The Training is open to Teachers, SENCO’s, classroom support staff, care workers, speech & language therapists etc. and would consist of three half day sessions run over three consecutive weeks.

Session titles include:
  • An Overview of Autism
  • Behaviour Support
  • Communication

Our course tutors are members of our senior management team who together have nearly 35 years experience at Wargrave House School.

Course Dates:

To be arranged


Typically £80 per person per session or £200 per person for the full course.

If you require further details or wish to attend the above course please contact Sue Gledhill, Senior Administrator at the school.

“Good advice and strategies to put into place - brilliant!”

“The whole course gets top marks, covered more than expected in greater detail than expected. Would love the chance to have more feedback sessions. Thank you most sincerely”

“Thank you for this session, the main questions I wanted to be answered were, and I am looking forward to the next sessions”

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