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Since Autistic Spectrum Disorder presents from early life and affects most of the developmental process, the aims and objectives in the education of children and young people with autism must centre round their unique behaviour.

At Wargrave House we are conscious of the necessity to encompass behavioural techniques but go beyond these to incorporate a functional and pragmatic approach, which is concerned with both the process and the product of education.

Each child or young person, therefore, is regarded as an individual with his/her own singular and special needs. This ensures that their own personality, ability and interests are catered for so as to promote and enhance the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development of the children and young people at the school and in society.

The philosophy, planning, teaching and organisation of this school is therefore designed not only to support children and young people with autism and their families but also to facilitate competence in the skills required for everyday living.

All children and young people have access to a broad, balanced, relevant and personalised curriculum. ‘Curriculum’ includes whatever goes on or in relation to the school, encompassing early morning or early evening activities. The aim of Wargrave House is therefore to provide a ‘Whole School’ approach where the goals, the strategies are the same for teachers, carers and parents and continuity between day staff and evening staff is a priority.

Wargrave House School works hard to overcome barriers to learning to achieve, as far as possible, social model of inclusion. We also offer supported access for identified children and young people to mainstream schools where learning outcomes have been clearly identified to enable children and young people to reach their full potential.

In this way we aim to ensure equal opportunity of access to all aspects of the curriculum regardless of the nature and degree of disability of the child or young person with autism.

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