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New Residential College

Despite a few setbacks earlier in the year, we are delighted that we have now received our completion certificate for the new residential college (May 2010) - ‘Lakeside College’ and ‘Lakeside View’ accommodation.

Donations from the following groups and individuals were very gratefully received and have helped considerably in equipping the facility to enhance the learning and quality of life for our young people.

Clothworkers Foundation


DCSF Targeted Capital Funding


Deborah Greenhalgh


Elizabeth and Stephen Flaherty


Garfield Weston Foundation


Hedley Foundation


WHS May 2009 Charity Ball


Parents and friends of WHS


Donations of equipment have also included a washer, CD player (Drs Rose), together with an anonymous donation of £500.

Thank you

Students are already planning work on the gardens surrounding our new development.  We received a pack of native British trees from the Woodland Trust which students have been tending whilst we await the completion of the building.  These will be planted by students in the College grounds to enhance the College environment and engage students in purposeful and meaningful activity. 

Further donations of plants, bushes and trees will also be gratefully received (please check with school if you are unsure).  Obviously, we need to ensure planting is appropriate to student needs. Suitable species include:

Buxus (Box)

Cornus Alba (Dogwood)

L. vulgarae ‘Aureum’

Spirea Arguta

Alnus Glutinosa (Alder)

Thunbergii (Bridal Wreath)

Fagus Purpurea (Small Copper Beech)

Philadelphus (Mock Orange)

Fagus Heterophylla (Small Green Beech)

Lavendula (Lavender) L. spica

Cotoneaster Horizontalis

Sambucus (Golden Elder)


Betula Pendula (Silver Birch)

Salix Vitellina (Dwarf Willow Yellow)

Prunus Alba (flowering Peach)

Corylus Avellana (Common Hazel)

Prunus Padus (flowering Cherry)

Turfed area

Outdoor spaces are a vital asset to the School’s environment.  Natural environments are beneficial for psychological and emotional health. Contact with nature is important for providing refuge from the pressures of life, relieving stress and anxiety. Experiencing a sense of awe and wonder at the natural environment is part of spiritual development.  Fresh air, natural light and exercise provide a physical and emotional boost. Being active and having fun will help young people feel happy at school or college. Spaces where they can get away from noise and bustle and have some quiet time with their thoughts will help them develop their emotional resources.  

We will continue to fundraise to provide equipment for the grounds and surrounding college environment which will encourage and foster the development of social skills, and enhance the safety and well-being of our young people.


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