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"Our child is developing into a fantastic young person who now has a chance of enjoying and developing his adulthood, all thanks to the school and its dedicated staff"


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Educating & Caring for Young People with Autism since 1971

Why Are We Celebrating?

In September 1971 the school opened as the first weekly residential special school for children with autism in the North West with just 10 students. Now in our 40th academic year we are able to cater for up to 75 students over a much larger site which now houses 4 additional buildings. Now, to mark our 40th year we are looking for your help to improve the experiences of the young people we work with.

The Dilema?

Many children with autism have sensory processing difficulties. They find it difficult to achieve and maintain a calm-alert state. They may be ‘over’ or ‘under’ stimulated within their environment. Research and experience has shown us that movement, specifically movement against resistance can help to ‘wake up’ or ‘calm down’ students. Younger students have access to outdoor climbing equipment and swings which meets this need however access for our students aged 16+ is more difficult, yet their needs are just as significant.

The Solution

An ‘Outdoor Gym’ would provide an effective way of reducing anxiety and providing an age-appropriate fitness resource for older students, enabling them to feel more organised, calm & alert, just right and ready to learn.

How You Can Help

We need your help to raise £24,000 to buy this equipment which would include a swing, bars, skiing machine, climber and hockey apparatus. A full breakdown of the costs and funds raised so far is also available on the Big Give website at www.thebiggive.org.uk Whether you would like to hold a sponsored event or make a small donation, every little helps. We would love to have the gym installed and ready to surprise the students as we start our 41st year in September 2012. All donors will receive an invitation to a grand opening ceremony and your efforts will be recognised here on our website and in our newsletter. Thank you.

Our Dream Outdoor Gym



Hockey Gym Equipment


Skiing Gym Equipment


Extension Gym Equipment


Bars Gym Equipment


Climber Gym Equipment


Site Works, Preparation, Finish and Edging


EPDM Wetpour & Installation


Fundraising/Donations to date (February 2012)

Newton-le-Willows Amateur Swimming Club


Individual Donation


Fun Day Fundraising (in school)




External Training


Individual Donation


Wates Family Enterprise


Charities Trust


‘fonebank’ (old phones collected by staff/students)


A great big thank you to everyone who has donated.
15% towards our target!

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