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Occupational Therapy

Wargrave House employs a Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist (OT), Andrea Claire, who has vast experience of working with individuals with autism and is a qualified sensory integration practitioner.

The OT works throughout the school, college and early adult provision. Occupational Therapy aims to develop each young personís independence and functional performance across a wide range of activities and environments.

The OT provides the following services.
  • Assessment and intervention to any underlying sensory, perceptual or motor difficulties which impact upon a young personís ability to access learning or to engage in activities of daily living.
  • Support and advice to parents / carers and teachers, including regular training sessions and home visits.
  • Individual treatment sessions using a sensory integrative approach. These sessions are specifically designed to meet the needs of the student to support learning and development.
  • Small group sessions using a sensory motor approach to develop gross and fine motor skills.
  • Whole class Ďready to learní sessions that help students to be calm, alert and ready to learn.
  • Support / advice within PE lessons to help develop postural stability and motor coordination skills.
  • The OT offers support / advice within the classroom, carrying out activity and environmental analysis /modification with a goal to reducing any barriers to participation. This may include assessment for specialist seating or equipment.

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