"We are very fortunate that our child attends this outstanding school. Our child has severe autism with complex needs and the school try everyday to make it an enjoyable one for her."


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Overview of Sensory/Wellbeing

Sensory issues are central to the person diagnosed with ASD. The impact this has on any individual varies but sensory issues can affect all aspects of living, learning and well-being. In recognition of this, Wargrave House School employs a full-time Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant who work with all students throughout the school and residential setting. Intervention may be in the form of class-based work and observation, one-to-one or small group withdrawal.


Upon joining the school, each new student’s sensory functioning is assessed through a number of means. Parents are given a Sensory Profile questionnaire to complete regarding their child’s sensory related behaviours. Questionnaires may also be completed by school staff and the students themselves (where able). Observations are carried out in a range of situations including lesson times, meal times, independence/self help skills and self care routines. Informal and formal assessment in school also provide information about students’ responses to different sensory experiences. All information is then summarised in a ‘Sensory Advice Sheet’ which includes a range of strategies and environmental adaptations to help children and young people cope with their individual sensory issues. This individualised advice is distributed to class staff, parents and residential staff (where relevant) to ensure consistency of approach and sharing of good practice.

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