“Residential students’ dignity and privacy is protected at all times. A comprehensive range of risk assessments relating to individual students, the site and activities keep residential students safe”.


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Residential Services Managers

Welcome to the Residential Department – where Every Child Matters. We work in partnership with parents and carers, maintaining close contact and consultation between home and school.

The 24-hour curriculum ensures a ‘Whole School Approach’. This is achieved through close and daily liaison between evening and day staff. Provision encompasses:
  • An individual programme for each pupil, with evening Speech and Language Therapy input, and continuity of structured teaching strategies and behaviour support. Individual Sensory assessments are reflected within each Individual programme;
  • The use of a key worker system so that the same key worker support pupils both in the morning and evenings. Key workers develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their pupils, and support their emotional development;
  • A curriculum which focuses on the three core areas of challenge for children and young people with ASD, and the development of Independent Living Skills, such as domestic skills; planning, budgeting for, and cooking their own evening meal; and personal hygiene and self-help skills;
Residential pupils are encouraged and supported in the development of extra curricular activities. The school provides access to a range of activities including dancing, swimming, youth club, visits to the community centre, and ten pin bowling. Pupils are involved in organising activities, timetables and meals through Student Council weekly meetings.

Wargrave House aims to develop social responsibility and self-awareness, enabling pupils’ independence and leading to a fuller, more productive life. Mealtimes are organised to ensure they are enjoyable, sociable occasions that promote peer interaction.

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