“Residential students’ dignity and privacy is protected at all times. A comprehensive range of risk assessments relating to individual students, the site and activities keep residential students safe”.


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Short Term Break

Short term breaks are offered to parents of pupils at the school during school time periods. As with residential provision, pupils are assigned a key-worker and access a similar range of facilities.

The focus is on the specialist ASD-specific provision of structured teaching and care to develop and consolidate personal, self-help and independence skills, with opportunities for leisure and the development of social and communication skills. Individual programmes and targets are monitored via the Placement Plan, which is shared with parents and carers and agencies involved in the care of the child.

Continuity between home and school, day and evening is achieved through close communication between parents, carers, teachers and care staff

Short-term break provision is determined by local authority assessment. The School’s Family Liaison Officer can provide details.

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