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Independent Living Skills

At Wargrave House School our goal is to encourage our pupils to gain functional skills for as independent a life as possible when they develop into young adults. In teaching Independent Living Skills, we consider how the pupil currently performs, the demands of the environment in which they will need the skill, their age, and the context in which the task will be performed. Wherever possible, real-life opportunities are fully utilised such as dressing / undressing and showering for PE or swimming, and community-based activities such as shopping, cafes and work experience.

Pupils work towards learning outcomes identified in our Personal, Social, Health Education and Economic Well-being (PSHEE) curriculum and we build on these through our 24-hour curriculum, supporting families, parents and carers throughout the process. The areas cover:
  • Freedom of Movement Out and About
  • Self Help Skills
  • Domestic Skills and Food Preparation
  • Mealtimes (Eating and Drinking)
  • Leisure

Strategies, such as the highly structured environment, task analysis and TEACCH approach, support progress in these areas.

Wargrave House School actively endorses self-advocacy throughout its policy and practice. We believe in the promotion of self-advocacy as a means of enabling people with autism to make choices affecting their lives.

Opportunities for developing self confidence, personal autonomy, self empowerment and self advocacy are maximised through formally taught and spontaneous situations leading to the enhancement of life chances and experiences.

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