“Therapists work closely with teachers and teaching assistants as highly effective teams to make sure that students are able to communicate in whatever way suits them best”.


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SaLT Onsite

Speech and language therapists at WHS are innovative and flexible in their intervention which takes the whole of the child’s communication, social, emotional and sensory needs into account. This Holistic approach means that therapy is tailored to each individual and ensures that each child can access and gain the most from their learning and social experiences in school.


A comprehensive assessment of each individual’s communication strengths and areas of need is undertaken during the first half term in which the child or young person starts at WHS. These take into account information received from parents and other professionals and include standardised, informal assessments together with observation methods to form a baseline from which to measure future progress (in line with the annual review system).

Withdrawals for Individual or Group Therapy Sessions

Children and young people and Students are withdrawn during the course of the school day/evening, to work on the development of specific comprehension, expressive language, feelings and emotions or social communication skills.

Class-based Sessions

SaLTs may jointly plan and/or deliver sessions with teaching staff. They work alongside staff and children and young people/students in the classroom to model appropriate communication, ensure that the communication in the classroom is at the correct level for each individual’s understanding; and make sure that all opportunities for maximising and generalising communication and social skills are fully exploited.

Lunchtime Sessions

SaLTs sit alongside students/children and young people and their staff to facilitate communication and to help develop and generalise language and social interaction skills. Kitchen staff receive training from the SaLT department and are familiar with individualised communication systems, ensuring a consistent approach is maintained.

ASD Awareness Training

This unique training is based on the ‘I am Special’ course (Peter Vermeulen 2000). It is a highly structured approach designed to introduce children and young people to their Autistic Spectrum Disorder. At WHS this course is delivered by the SaLT department and is adapted taking the individual needs of each young person into account. It has proven to be highly popular and successful with the students of Wargrave House School.

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