“Therapy, nursing, school and residential staff form extremely effective teams, who together ensure the best autism practice at all times”.


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Meet The Team

SaLT Team

The school currently employs two full time Speech & Language Therapists (SaLTs), two part time Speech & Language Therapists and one full time Speech & Language Therapy Assistant, who are responsible for completing a baseline assessment for each child or young person upon entry to the school and ongoing assessment thereafter in line with the annual review process. Formal and ongoing informal assessment forms the basis of intervention along with joint target setting for Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Individual Care Plans (ICPs) for residential students.

Our highly experienced SALT team use an holistic approach in their intervention and tailor their therapy to meet the very specific communication, sensory and emotional needs of each individual using innovative and highly motivating strategies to develop functional communication, language and social skills.

Their unique way of working means that the SaLTs see the children and young people on their caseload in a wide range of settings which includes individual withdrawals, group sessions, class-based support, educational, community and residential visits, work experience placements and inclusion support. A vital part of their work is in the residential setting, where SaLTs work one evening per week to ensure the consistency and generalisation of language and communication from the day into the evening setting.

SaLTs at Wargrave act in both an advisory and consultative capacity liaising closely with key staff throughout the day/evening; and with parents via the home school book system, review meetings, parent’s evenings, parent work shops and home visits. Their mission statement is simply ‘To ensure that each child or young person achieves their communicative potential’.

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