LEAP College 19-25yrs

LEAP College is dedicated to delivering excellence, always seeking to go above and beyond expectations.

Our Aim:

LEAP College is dedicated to delivering excellence, always seeking to go above and beyond expectations. Through highly supported and person-centred pathways students are facilitated to embrace diversity and demonstrate integrity.

ASD Specialism

LEAP College specialises in education and preparation for adulthood for young adults with autism and associated difficulties. We provide foundation learning, development of life skills, personal and self-help skills, social and communication skills and therapeutic support with sensory integration difficulties.

The Curriculum

LEAP College multi-disciplinary team has expertise in supporting social communication, sensory integration, behaviour and emotional needs within a life and functional skills-based core curriculum. Education and care services are supported inhouse by a large therapy team (speech and language and occupational therapy). Medical needs are supported by our Learning Disabilities nurse. In addition, students will follow a range of vocational programmes and access community facilities to promote development of functional, personal and self-help skills. There are good opportunities to develop employability skills through partnership with a wide range of local community businesses and services.

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