Wargrave House Newsletter March 19th

Wargrave House Newsletter March 19th

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

I hope our latest newsletter finds you all safe and well. We are delighted with the full return to school, college and residential care of all our students. Given that we have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for a full year since March 2020, we are confident that our ongoing risk assessments and consistent monitoring of our safety procedures are continuing to enable us to provide a secure provision for all. Thank you for encouraging your son/daughter to support our lateral flow testing onsite.

You will now all have received a letter outlining the process we would like you to follow for twice weekly testing. Ideally, if you can create a routine on a Sunday and a Wednesday we will be able to efficiently update our records for the start and middle of the week. We fully appreciate that the home testing may present you with additional challenges – please do not hesitate to liaise directly with key staff if you require any further assistance with this matter. As we approach the end of this Spring Term – Thursday 1 April, we are looking forward to welcoming students to our Easter holiday club who will be joining us across a range of dates – 7, 8, 9 April and 14, 15, 16 April. You will receive a newsletter on the last day of term with further updates in advance of our summer term, which begins on Monday 19 April. Wishing you the best weekend possible.

Best wishes, Robin.

CEO – Robin Bush

We’ve enjoyed a vibrant week spanning across school and college, with a renewed sense of optimism. You will all receive an interim progress for your son/daughter week beginning Monday 19 April as we return for the summer term. This review will provide you with an overview of progress related to your son/daughter’s development across individual subject areas.

In support of all our students, we hope that you are becoming more aware of our ongoing learning reflection weeks (at the end of each term) enabling all staff to assist in reviewing key progress and next steps through directly gaining the thoughts and feelings of our young people.

We would also like to remind you of the rescheduled Parent’s Consultation Evening, which will take place on Thursday 24 June. Naturally, we will update you on further details as we hope that the current milestone for a full re-opening of society will resume on Monday 21 June.

This term will end with a celebration of individual  student/class achievement within their own learning bubbles – we are looking forward to sharing with you these successes in our next newsletter. Additionally, Post 16 staff and students will be hosting the re-opening of our take away Cosy Corner Café on Thursday 24 March as well as hosting an Easter Fayre on Thursday 1 April. We really appreciate your ongoing support, being mindful of the consistent challenges being placed upon you in terms of wellbeing and multitasking.

We would also like to remind you about covidresponse@wargravehouse.com – for reporting lateral flow testing. Your cooperation with this matter helps us all stay safe!

Regards, Stuart.

Head Teacher – Stuart Jamieson

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