Newsletter Oct 2021

We were delighted to welcome Madam Mayor Sue Murphy, Councillor Jeanie Bell and Post 16 link governor Phil Round for a morning of celebrating student achievement across both Lakeside and LEAP college yesterday,Thursday 7th October 2021.

The planning team ably led by Tara Thomas ensured that the hospitality of refreshments and the buffet were of the highest standard, prior to the refreshments Head of Post 16, Julliet Doherty showed her pride in structuring the morning which enabled students to be recognised through a number of key achievements.

Mr Steve Hogarth presented certification to careers education and guidance toall those students who had ably demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of employability. Mr Phil Adams awarded students for their hard work in accredited learning/OpenAwards in both English and Maths. Miss Charlotte McKay gave an outstanding speech prior topresenting awards for the Duke of Edinburgh.

We were really pleased that madam Mayor Sue Murphy gave a heartfelt vote of thanks for both the certificate achievements of students alongside the professional dedication of all staff. Councillor Jeanie Bell also echoed these sentiments and hopes tolook at ways in which we can further develop our employability curriculum as well as potential for internships. Mr Phil Round made sure as ever that he gleaned student perspectives upon their next steps. Our thanks go to Julliet Doherty, Head of Post 16 and all staff for their professionalism and hard work wishing you the best weekend possible,

Robin Bush, CEO.


In a week where we’ve all been soaking up the splendid October sun, energy levels have also flourished across both school and college. It’s been a privilege seeing so many of ouryoung people thrive through active participation and engagement through their commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh, expertly led by Ms Hannah Kay. Particular praise goes to Kieron Cook forhis support to other students in social activities across the week of DoE. We are really proud that so many of our students and learners from both school and College participated out of hours, beyond 5:00 pm, this shows their resilience, and determination to achieve their award.

This week the Education Leadership Team have been conducting a number of learning walks to observe how well our students and learners have settled in since the start of term. We are also looking at both resources and environment to see how we can further improve things. It was great that our Head of Therapy and Clinical Services, Helen Driver joined us in this overview. In the last week of this half term we are undertaking a Reflection week to work with all students and learners to review how well they are each progressing. This process will enable us to celebrate successes and refocus upon targets in the next half term. Similarly, the outcomes of this activity will inform our dialogue when we meet you at parents evening within November.

Stuart Jamieson, Headteacher

WargraveNews  08.10.21

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