Wargrave House Newsletter 18th March 2022

I hope our newsletter finds you all safe and well.
It’s very uplifting to be enjoying some warmer weather and we hope you are able to feel like Spring is on it’s way. In spite of the relaxation COVID restrictions we are continuing to request that you continue to support twice weekly testing. This action enables us to protect our students and staff who are vulnerable.
In light of the devastating situation in Ukraine, we are going to mark next Friday 25 March as an opportunity to fundraise an this cause. As you are aware Cosy Corner Café was already scheduled for parents/carers next Friday we will now be donating any profits raised from the refreshments to this cause, personal donations are welcome. Learners in school and students in college will be invited to wear yellow and blue in recognition of their support for the Ukrainian people.
Wishing you all the best weekend possible.

Within this edition of our newsletter you will see some further developments across Lyme & Wood Learning Hub.
Head of Post 16, Julliet Doherty, has enjoyed producing a short film of students’ perceptions since the launch of this exciting Learning Hub two weeks ago. Last week we were really pleased to see BASE 4 leading a celebration of careers education, information and guidance through conducting a series of interviews with staff regarding their skills and personal qualities. It was a great development to see the confidence of BASE 4 learners in conducting interviews. Many staff in a cross section of roles displayed their careers journeys on their office doors. We look forward to Steve Hogarth’s continuation of inspiring young people to consider their careers choices and options.
The final edition of our newsletter will be the last day of term Friday 1 April. Both school and college will finish at their normal time of 3.30 pm this day is also significant because we are hosting an Autism Conference at Haydock Racecourse and wish Helen Driver and the therapy team every success with this event.
Have a great weekend.

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