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Wargrave House Newsletter December 2021


I hope that our final newsletter for 2021 finds you all as safe and well as possible in these challenging times.


By now you will all have received a letter from Stuart Jamieson outlining our rationale behind finishing term one day early and beginning the Spring term on the 6 January rather than the scheduled date of January 5. As ever, in such trying times, we have made a difficult decision for the greater good of all students and staff across our campus in the hope that we can minimise this virus, which shows no discrimination. We have made the necessary communication with all our commissioning local authorities as well as informing transport.


All our class teams will be making contact with you on Wednesday 5 January in the hope of being able to update you regarding our plans for learning on site Thursday/Friday 6/7 January. Naturally, we will keep you fully updated regarding any changes and/or government directives in the meantime I would urge you to continue with the twice weekly LFT testing and reporting any positive cases via the covidresponse@wargravehouse.com This email will be intermittently monitored throughout the Christmas/New Year period.


On behalf of all the trustees, governors and staff at Wargrave House I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to you all for your support throughout this Winter term.


I wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas break and a healthy and successful New Year for 2022.




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