Wargrave Newsletter Spring 2021

Wargrave Newsletter

I hope this newsletter finds you safe and well. As we approach the half term, you will be pleased to know that our site will undergo a sustained deep clean in preparation for the next half term.

We will continue to operate our Lateral Flow Testing centre following all COVID 19 compliance regulations. I would like to express my thanks to all our staff for their ongoing hard work since the start of the new year.

Governors and Trustees were delighted to hear of the success of Post-16 staff in being acknowledged as ‘The Most Inspirational 16-18 Education Provider’ through the prestigious recent Educate Awards ceremony. This recognition underpins the hard work and commitment of Julliet Doherty and all our staff. Our newsletter is accompanied by a general COVID 19 update, which will help us all to maintain the essential protocols for our ongoing safety.

I hope you are able to enjoy a relaxing family half term week.
Interim CEO – Gary Van Oss

Thank you for your tremendous support throughout this half term.

It was really pleasing to receive the initial responses to our Parent Voice survey from you.

Our staff are very grateful for your positive views.

One school parent wrote “I can’t fault the way you go above and beyond to teach all your students during all this most trying of times. You are fantastic”.

Similarly, a parent from college noted, “When I hear my son say he misses college and enjoys going to college that’s enough for me to know he is being treated well and that his needs are well cared for. I can’t thank all the staff for all their help and support when my son is at college and when he has been shielding … I am really impressed with how all staff have managed to reduce as much impact of COVID as possible. The staff are irreplaceable”.

Thanks to Claire Byrne our Family Liaison Officer and Claire Thompson our Behavioural Lead for providing an update home/school/behaviour support forum for parents/carers this week. We will invite you to a further forum with a different focus during the next half term. Please note that our interim reports on student progress will go out to you on Thursday 1 April.

We have rescheduled the Parent’s Evening for Wednesday 24 June, details will follow whether we will have the option to provide this partially on site as well as remotely.

We look forward to sharing with you the outcomes of our ‘Reflection Week’ which has enabled us to review student progress for this half term during the first week back. We fully appreciate how much of a trying time this pandemic presents and we thank you for all your support in home/school learning, your wider liaison and care for your child. Best wishes for your half term holiday.

Head Teacher – Stuart Jamieson