Positive Feedback

“We are happy with our son’s education at Wargrave House and have no concerns about the school/college at all. We would highly recommend Wargrave House”.

Parental praise for Wargrave House School and College

“Thank you for everything you have done for our son.  Finding such dedicated, caring professions in one place is rare.  Your strength as a team is helping our son to enjoy his life and try new things.  We are forever grateful for all you have done to help him and all that you continue to do!  Outstanding staff always go above and beyond in order to meet his needs.  Have a well- earned summer break”.

“Very happy with all the support/teaching you have provided to my son”.

Another parent commented on the effectiveness of parents evening “the Solar system was effectively colour coded to easily see progress being made.  Very positive feedback – this is showing very good progress.  It is evident that teaching and learning is very effective and we appreciate the level of understanding our child is gaining”.

“We are happy with our son’s education at Wargrave House and have no concerns about the school/college at all.  We would highly recommend Wargrave House”.

“I cannot thank you enough for the time and dedication of staff at school.  My son has developed very useful skills and is improving dramatically – outstanding staff and school.  Thank you”.

“What more can we say…. Outstanding input from everybody.  When I viewed Wargrave I felt it was a place I wanted our son to be.  This is hasn’t changed and the staff and students we encounter along the way have always been polite, helpful and kind.  All we wanted was for our son to be happy, above all he is.  We really enjoyed parents evening.  Well thought out, looking at his file was great.  I love how much interaction students have with the wider community – our son especially loves Boys & Girls Club.  Well done everyone”.

Positive Feedback –
Harvest Festival  23.10.19

Did you enjoy this morning? Please tell us why.
  • Absolutely lovely morning. It’s always nice to see all the parents and children together and to see what they have been working on.  It’s a lovely ‘happy’ setting that everyone seemed to enjoy.  Always nice to attend and take part.
  • Superb production as usual. Great to see the pupils making progress as individuals.  Further evidence of the teamwork and unity of the staff without whom more of this would be possible.  Resilience and brilliantness personified!
  • Really enjoyed the Harvest all staff and children worked really hard at making the morning special, well done to all of you.
  • Yes – lovely assembly – short enough so students are not bored. Giving non-verbal kids an opportunity to speak via com is fab.
  • Fantastic energy, loved the music choice brilliant as always. Love the audience participation.  Great fun!!
  • Great to see all the students and staff. Enjoyed the performance and pictures.  Wonderful school.
  • Absolutely was amazing, all the kids did amazing.
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