Values and ethos

Wargrave House recognises that all our students have very special needs.
Compassion, tolerance, respect and positive intervention will lead to effective learning experiences.
This supportive environment is underpinned by an ethos agreed by everyone at Wargrave House.

To facilitate this cohesion and to ensure effective participation, much group discussion and consultation is fostered. All staff meet regularly in a variety of meetings as communication is key.

The company’s ethos aims to establish a sense of community and care amongst all its members so that both staff and students can experience the benefits of being accepted and contribute towards the wider society.

The environment is both homely and educational and is of high quality so that it gives all who are here a sense of worth.

General Values & Philosophy

To provide an environment in which each child/young person is given opportunities and teaching to develop his/her ability to become a happy, participating member of the family, school, college and community.

To promote a disciplined, happy and friendly atmosphere whilst simultaneously providing situations which encourage independence and autonomy.

To encourage students as far as possible not only to have a positive self regard but also to treat others with courtesy, respect and tolerance.

To compensate for the disadvantage society may place upon children with autism.

To develop the self-advocacy skills of the students so that society is influenced in the thinking and actions by the individual and not only by others speaking on their behalf.

To respect students’ rights and needs as individuals, as students, and as members of a wider community with particular reference to issues of culture, religion and gender.

To provide the highest quality education and care for the students in our school and college.

Wargrave House School and College
449 Wargrave Road
Newton Le Willows
Merseyside WA12 8RS

E: enquiries
T: 01925 224899
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