Learning Outside the Classroom

Well organised school trips and visits are an excellent way to expand on educational opportunities by taking learning beyond the classroom.

Whilst it is a well-known fact that learning outside the classroom is inspiring and motivating for all children and young people, at Wargrave House School it is recognised that it is essential that children and young people with autism have opportunity to learn and practice skills in other environments.

Educational visits are organised to support learning objectives in specific curriculum areas. However, in addition to this, structured teaching takes place in a variety of environments during regular timetabled activities.

Functional and practical application of life skills are developed through local community access including:

Shops, Cafes and Restaurants

Leisure centres





Mainstream schools and colleges

KS1-3 Personal Development Curriculum (Outdoor Learning)

Outdoor learning is a tool to inspire and encourage our students to learn through positive outdoor experiences. These experiences aim to support the holistic development of our young people and foster creative, resilient, confident and independent learners.

The Outdoor learning approach used at Wargrave is designed to use the natural environment to impact positively on the health and well-being of our young people. The experience offers a larger, learning environment outside the confines of the classroom with natural light and reduced environmental stress factors e.g. bright lights.

The opportunities presented through Outdoor Learning also support the progression of social interaction, communication, flexibility, raising self-esteem, increasing the ability to self-regulate and experiencing success. The development of these skills will equip our young people to prepare for life beyond education, enable them to become more self-aware, lead a healthier lifestyle, have positive mental health and become more confident and more independent in all aspects of their everyday lives.


Outdoor Learning Lead: Nicola Brown


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