Wargrave House School & College promotes a caring and pragmatic approach to safeguarding believing that this fundamental issue is the responsibility of all staff.

Key Aspects

All prospective staff are subject to thorough safer recruitment protocols and accompanying DBS checks. Upon appointment to role staff members undertake a probationary period of at least 6 months this is underpinned by consistent induction process aligned to safeguarding and wider professional developmental needs.

There are a series of consistent meetings/forums to ensure that all full time, part time and visiting staff are fully aware of important organisational needs, additionally prevalent national developments and/or policy changes are communicated through a weekly staff safeguarding bulletin. Our cycle of safeguarding is as follows;

  • Monday – full staff briefing containing safeguarding key messages/updates and themes of the week. Internal Safeguarding Board meeting (ISB) communicates key actions following the weekend with direct reports from:
    • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
    • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL)
    • Medical Lead
    • Behavioural Lead
    • E-Safe Lead
    • Residential – Senior Care Manager
    • DDSL – Residential
    • Site/Health & Safety Lead
    • Family Liaison Lead
    • Administration Lead

Our Internal Safeguarding Board (ISB)

After each meeting the minutes are distributed to attending, Link Governor and Senior Leadership Team.

  • Wednesday – full staff meeting which includes a fixed agenda item on safeguarding and highlights the forthcoming pre-distribution of the safeguarding bulletin.
  • Friday – Senior Leaders calendar meeting setting the agenda for the following week highlighting any issues that have occurred throughout the week in progress.

For more information regarding the ISB please see here.


Kelley Garth is the Lead Link Governor for Safeguarding she conducts termly safeguarding unannounced visits. Following each visit a report with key actions is provided. Additionally safeguarding is a fixed item on both the termly full governing body meetings and the termly subcommittee Personal Development/Behaviour & Attitudes (PDBA) meeting.



Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Policy Sept 19

Our safeguarding policies are reviewed on an annual basis.

Wargrave House
Being Professionally ‘BRAVER’!

Wargrave House School & College promotes a caring and pragmatic approach to safeguarding believing that this fundamental issue is the responsibility of all staff.

Further Information and Links


St Helens SCB Contact Centre
01744 676600

Timba Kanengoni
Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
For Advice 01744 671809

Merseyside Prevent Team
0151 777 8311
Twitter: #merpolprevent

Whistleblowing Helpline for Professionals

NSPCC Helpline for Professionals
0800 800 5000

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