As a school we take internet safety very seriously. Our learners use the internet on a regular basis during their school day and it is our responsibility to ensure they use the internet in a safe way.
To help promote the safe use of the internet, we recently participated in this years ‘Safer Internet Day’ where staff and students enjoyed several activities that were specifically designed to increase their awareness of online safety.

We also encourage our students to follow the ‘Rules For Online Safety’ and ‘Safe Searching’ guides posted at each workstation which, coupled with the internet filtering and monitoring systems we have in place, minimise the risk of students or staff encountering innappropriate material during their daily activities.

Parents and carers

We are currently developing a new E-Safety policy that will be shared with learners, parents\carers and staff. The E-Safety policy, along with our existing ‘Acceptable Use Of IT’ and ‘Social Networking’ policies already in place, will offer comprehensive guidance and advice in the safe use of the internet, helping to teach our learners about the risks as well as the benefits of the very latest technologies, so they can feel confident online, both in and out of school.

We have also created a series of links below to other websites that offer advice to parents and carers on how to keep their young people safe online. We hope you find them useful.

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