It’s almost time for World Autism Acceptance Week!
Do you want to learn more about Therapy Practices available for autistic individuals?
Do you want to take part in Therapy workshops?
Do you want the chance to chat to like-minded professionals face to face?
Book a place at our Autism Therapy Conference on Friday 1st April 2022 – We still have a few places left!

Raising awareness and helping people to have a better understanding of autism is so important to autistic individuals and their family and friends. Wargrave House School & College has been passionate about offering education and therapy for autistic children and young adults for just over 50 years, and our bespoke multi-professional therapy offer, Sundial, offers a shining example of highly specialised therapists working together.
The Sundial team are passionate about their work and sharing their expertise to ascertain the therapy needs of autistic individuals. The dedicated and diverse professional therapists, give students access to the whole team who in turn can offer a consistency in communication between all involved. Their team approach increases the coordination assessment findings in relation to the need of the individual and allows scope for person-entered goals.

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