Wargrave House School have appointed a new headteacher, Carl Glennon. Carl joins Wargrave with a wealth of experience in mainstream and alternative education, boasting a 14-year career in the sector.

After joining the Royal Marine Commandos at age 17, just six years later, Carl suffered a knee injury. Carl had a desire to become a teacher, but despite this he was not in a position financially to follow his dreams. In 2009, things changed, and Carl finally had the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher.

Carl’s first teaching role was in a mainstream setting where he taught computer science, it was during this time that Carl discovered his passion for working with young autistic individuals.

Carl went on to run the Intensive Support Centre at Tor View School before serving as deputy headteacher at an alternative provision school. Within this role, Carl was dedicated to providing exceptional education and care to students with diverse needs.

Carl’s new role at Wargrave House School will see him empower staff to provide exceptional experiences and educational outcomes for the young people under the school’s care. Carl shared: “By supporting and empowering staff, we can create an environment where every student feels valued, inspired, and supported in reaching their full potential.”

When asked what he wants to achieve in his new role, Carl said: “Our top priority is to provide the highest quality education and care for our students in every aspect of their time with us. Achieving this requires employing and training the right people to the highest standards.

“Our goal is to become an outstanding provider that leads the way within the sector, setting new standards for excellence and innovation in education and care.”

Carl went on to share what attracted him to the organisation. He said: “For me, my most rewarding experiences in education were while I was working with young autistic individuals.

“When I learned about the role at Wargrave House School, I immediately knew it was the perfect opportunity for me. After reviewing the school’s newsletters and seeing the incredible experiences offered to students, it blew me away and reinvigorated my passion for working with these amazing individuals.”

CEO at Remarkable Autism Charity, Robin Bush, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Carl as the new headteacher for Wargrave House School. Carl has a wealth of experience, with a particular emphasis on supporting young autistic individuals.

“As with any vacancy at Remarkable, we are committed to finding the right candidate who not only possesses the necessary skills and experiences but who embodies our values and ensures that student wellbeing is prioritised. I am confident that Carl will do just that.”

Wargrave House School is part of the Remarkable Autism Charity. The Charity is on a mission to create a world where autistic individuals are empowered to live happy and fulfilled lives.

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